One of our favourite designers steps down...what's next?

If you're browsing our catalogue, it's no secret that we're big fans of Marni. From their unique embellishments, to their pieces that are youthful but stylish and business-appropriate, to their thoughtful use of prints, and their distinct streetwear pieces (seriously, how great is that built-in cap). One thing that all these elements have in common is that they're the brainchild(ren) of Consuelo Castiglioni, who founded Marni in 1994 without formal training in fashion. An aside: if you love Marni and ever have a few minutes to kill, absolutely go through old fashion week shows, and scroll down to Castiglioni's appearance on the runway at the end of the showing. Her consistent peekaboo from the back is so charming and playful-- much like the brand itself.

So it came as a bit of a shock to read that Castiglioni had stepped down as creative director of Marni. And what's more, her entire family left with her, including her husband, who is Marni's creative director, and her children. The immediate question is, of course, what's next for the brand. The incumbent creative director, Francesco Risso, most recently worked for Prada. But it should hearten Marni fans slightly to know that he also worked at Anna Molinari of Blumarine fame, and Alessandro Dell'Acqua. In the former case, you have elegance and a keen knowledge of prints, and in the latter, eccentricity and playful shapes. Put the two together and surely you have something that somewhat captures the spirit of Marni, perhaps? 

Below are some of the most unique Marni pieces we have in at the moment, and that we're posting not just to brag about what we've been lucky enough to curate, but also because it's a nice way to convey the range of Marni out there. 

Dazzling linden flower horn necklace.

Dazzling linden flower horn necklace.

Stylish shirt with built-in necklace (that somehow manages to look eternally classy even though that trend comes and goes)


Just an image of the detail on this cashmere and silk cardigan

A personal favourite: this minimalist boxy sweater. I think of it as a casual and stylish holiday brunch sweater...because you can enjoy a sizable meal without feeling like your top suddenly doesn't fit ideally.